My name is Paula Jessop. I am a Soul Alchemist, Actress, Author, and your Bombshell Bliss Maven.

I’ve had over 15 years’ experience in the Healing World. For decades I have studied with Masters. I make magic happen, ranging in everything from small subtle whispers of magic to bending time and space (it’s easier than you think.) My specialties lie in women’s mysteries, magic, shamanism, ascension, coaching, and energy healing. Like you I am magic. It is in my blood and bones. In fact, I come from a long magical ancestral lineage of Celtic and Cherokee Shamanism. I also carry the gift of witnessing magic, and have the ability to see you and the life you are meant to lead. I carry the codes to activate your magic.

I’ve written a book it’s entitled “Fable of Two Stars – A Twin Flame Love Story”. I believe in LOVE, luxury and beauty. I adore everything glamorous and think glamour should be spelled with a “u”. My fantasy dream job is being a cat burglar – an art and jewel thief. (I really need a diamond collection). I make wildcrafted elderberry jelly. I love elderflower anything, especially with bubbles. I love bubbles. I am an actress in Los Angeles and a Magazine Editor.

Just like you, I have struggled, succeeded, and felt like the rug has been pulled out from under me, more times than I can count. And I’ve paid attention and taken notes. I’ve asked why, how to do better, and what to do differently and I’ve found answers. Allow me to share them with you. Benefit from my pain and victories. You deserve a blissful, magnificent life. I want that for you. Let me help you create it.