Author: pjessop

Rise Up

In Greek mythology, a phoenix is a bird that lives forever. When it dies, it bursts into flame and is reborn and rises from its own ashes. Because of this, the phoenix is a symbol of eternal life, rebirth, transformation through fire, and healing. You can be like the Phoenix and rise. Click Here to Discover...

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Transformative Travel

We all know that travel has a special magic to it. It has the power to liberate us, to transform us. This spring I spent two months alone traveling Europe in pursuit of feminine power and the unknown. I want to share with you the magic I found waiting there for me. On my journeys I was telling everyone that I was researching feminine power. Which is true. I was after a deeper understanding of not only feminine power but also of cultures where it was honored and those where it was more hidden than honored. But there was...

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There is Nothing Like a Polka Dot

Some say that the Spanish gypsies were the first to use Polka Dots. The Gypsies would sew small round moon shaped mirrors into their dresses to ward off the evil eye. These mirrors later turned into Polka dots. The Spanish have embraced these evenly spaced dots and while I was in Spain I saw them everywhere. I took pictures and have compiled my Sevilla, Spain tribute to the Polka Dot for your pleasure. Because there is nothing like a Polka Dot to make you happy. The term polka dot first appears in the magazine Godey’s Lady’s Book in the  May 1857 edition:...

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