perfume1Shipwrecks and the magic of fragrance… A glance into my life.

I had a magical evening last Tuesday night. I brag mystery, romance, destiny and fragrance. I attended an unveiling cocktail party for a 150-year-old fragrance recently discovered aboard a Civil War era shipwreck off the shores of Bermuda. After a hurricane in Bermuda some (very handsome divers), discovered (hidden away in the bow of the wreckage of the Mary Celestia a Civil War blockade runner sailing to Charleston, South Carolina), a few items which included a sealed bottle of perfume. The bottle was etched with the name of the perfume house on it, a famous perfumer out of London. The perfumer was one of the first to talk about the top, middle and bottom notes of fragrances. He wrote the first modern book of fragrance making in 1857. He never left notes or recipes for his perfumes and so his work was lost to history, until the divers discovered the perfume bottle. They took the bottle to a famous Bermuda perfumery who took it to another perfume house here in NYC which had state of the art equipment and both houses were able to open the bottle without damage and smell 150 years ago. Last night I was able to smell history. It was sharp and pungent and actually not pleasant, mainly because it had decomposed. The perfumers with their equipment were able to take the DNA from the mixture and recreate it.

Before the ships wreck that bottle (picture below) was headed into NY exactly 150 years ago this month. It finally made its destination. The perfumer’s work is not lost to history and the life/fragrance in that bottle has completed it’s journey back into life. How romantic is that? One of the divers is a descendant of someone from the Mary Celestia. Fate, destiny and fragrance. I now own a bottle of Mary Celestia. They are only making/selling 1864 bottles in honor of the year of the shipwreck and then no more. The bottle I received wasn’t even one of those but a special bottle created for the unveiling and it was given to me by the lead diver who discovered it. And I brag I met the Premiere of Bermuda and also Catherine Zeta Jones at the unveiling.

I brag that I completely forgot that I was invited until a few hours before the party, when something whispered to me to remember. I brag destiny, fate and mystery are mine to dance with.