We all know that travel has a special magic to it. It has the power to liberate us, to transform us. This spring I spent two months alone traveling Europe in pursuit of feminine power and the unknown. I want to share with you the magic I found waiting there for me.

On my journeys I was telling everyone that I was researching feminine power. Which is true. I was after a deeper understanding of not only feminine power but also of cultures where it was honored and those where it was more hidden than honored. But there was more to my travels than that. Something that was so hard to define, that I didn’t even try to explain it to anyone else. I just kept myself open to it finding me. I was after that elusive spark of recognition, that aha where everything comes together. The epiphany.

Glamorous train amu1

There were several occasions when savvy fellow travelers or locals questioned me and pushed further for an answer as to what I was doing travelling around Europe alone. I’d stumble around trying to answer something that even I didn’t understand. The closest most honest answers caught me off guard. Like when I was in Spain studying Flamenco dance and a fellow Flamenco student questioned me what I was doing there. Without thinking the answer popped out of my mouth “I am running. Either away from or too something; I am not sure which.” And there it was the truth hanging like a puff of smoke from a cigarette.

I was running and it’s the smartest thing I could have done.

I have collected what I’ve discovered and learned from my adventures and incorporated them along with my previous work into a brand new offering.

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