Why Bombshell Bliss?MM

Bombshell Bliss started with a dream and an intent. I had a dream and in my dream I was so happy. Blissfully happy, full of joy.

Before the dream, I had a magical healing practice where I incorporated traditional shamanic practices like cord cuttings, soul retrievals, soul readings, belief clearings, past life healings, and my own offerings called medi-creations which center around thing such as, twin flame work, creating new realities, – and then there are solstice and equinox celebrations women’s circles, blessing ways and self weddings. My practice was going fine but not taking off the way I knew it could. It felt like there was more. I began to question what that was and had the inspiration I could do what I did in a more elegant, fresh, fun and intriguing way. I could still incorporate the magic I was passionate about, but use it in a new way. The message was that what I was doing was in the old energy paradigm and I needed to shift into the new energetic paradigm.

Only I didn’t know what that meant. I tried doing things the way I had been and it increasingly felt stiff and off somehow. I kept asking for inspiration but it wasn’t coming. I decided since I couldn’t figure it out and nothing felt good I was going to stop. I would set my intent and wait for what my next step should be and what my practice could evolve into. I deliberately got quiet and still and then allowed myself to wait as long as I needed to wait, for that inspiration to arrive. I even stopped seeing clients for a couple of months.

Then I had THE DREAM. The one where I was blissfully happy and full of joy. In this dream I was looking in a mirror and telling myself how much I loved myself. I was full and saturated with this love. I vibrated with it. It felt amazing. I was madly in love with me. Then the message came that this is where to create from and when I did everything would fall into place.

I woke up for a moment feeling fantastic. I went immediately back to sleep and had a nightmare. In this next dream – which I call my seven plagues of Egypt dream, there were cockroaches everywhere. I was walking across the floor and it was covered in them. I couldn’t walk without stepping on them or them running over my feet. Then frogs came in through the walls. Everywhere there were frogs and then snakes, cobras which made me think of Egypt. I woke with my skin prickly from the dream of bugs crawling over me. I knew I had tried to scare myself because I couldn’t accept the love dream. The next day I looked up cockroaches and saw they were connected to locus’s and saw how all the images of my dreams were like the plagues of Egypt. Yikes. I knew I was onto something!

It took me a few weeks after that dream to have the concept of Bombshell Bliss arrive. It started with a stranger calling me a Bombshell. I often have people telling me I remind them of Marilyn Monroe. A few years ago I dyed my hair platinum. I was going for a 1930’s Jean Harlow look, and it ended up as more Marilyn. When this stranger called me a Bombshell it triggered me somehow and I began to focus on what I wanted. I thought about what I wanted to feel. I liked the Bombshell aspect. I wanted glamour, love, success. Those were my key words for 2013 and 2014. I wanted to feel glamour and to feel happy. I wanted to feel that madly in love with myself feeling and when I realized that, it all began to fall into place.