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I work with women on falling in love with themselves. Owning their beauty, power, and creating their dream life. I call this being in your Bombshell Bliss. This Spring I traveled for two months alone in Europe. I was researching feminine power, and transformation. I went to places where the feminine was hidden – sometimes in plain sight, as she does so often, sometimes where you thought there was no trace of her and then on further examination there she was all along. In essence I went back to my roots. I allowed myself to be lead with no itinerary, I just went wherever the winds took me. The experiences and wisdom I gathered while I was in Europe has helped me crystallize my work into something very powerful and magical. I want to share that magic with you.

It is Phoenix magic. The phoenix rising from the ashes. Like you woman rising up one more time. Rising from the flames that should have burnt you, should have killed you. Flames of loss, sorrow, abandonment, grief, betrayal, and oh so much more. The flames that brought death but not extinction. Because you are the phoenix and you arise from the ashes reborn. And I am here to help you, to hold the space for you to rise from the ashes and soar into a bright new future.

Reach out to me for a free 1/2 hour exploration session where we can customize an individual plan of action for cultivating your Bombshell Magic. Click here for our exploratory call and to join me on this magical transformation.

One of my talents is in holding a vision and creating space for who a woman can be. I’ve summed it up in one word a Bombshell.

Here is my vision for you:

I call you a Bombshell. A Bombshell is a woman who is fully aligned with her feminine power. She sees and owns her beauty, her magic, and her wisdom. She knows her worth and is unapologetically herself. She is in tune with her intuition. She trusts her wild nature, her sensuality, and life itself. A Bombshell knows she is worthy of love, adoration, and respect. She receives as freely as she gives. A Bombshell loves herself completely both her light side and her shadows as she knows some of her greatest treasures lie in her darkness. She is in flow with life. Creating with ease the world she desires to live in. She knows that in every moment of her life she is enough just as she is that she deserves a happy fulfilled life. And she is finally ready to accept nothing less.

The work we will do is a step beyond reinvention into transformation. It is about creating a magical life for yourself. The magic is already inside of you. My work is to assist you in bringing it out. Not only will you ignite the woman you desire to be. You will remember (re-member) the woman you were always meant to be. Reawakening and reclaiming parts of yourself that were misplaced, forgotten, stolen, or given up over the course of the life you have lived thus far. You will find a freedom and trust in yourself, in life itself that didn’t exist before our work together. You will become a modern day Bombshell living life on her terms, unapologetic, unstoppable, and madly in love with yourself and your life.

Benefits of this work:

  • Deep Soul Healing
  • Healing Current Life/Past Life/Ancestral Wounds
  • Reclaiming Your Life
  • Discovering/Uncovering your Truest Self
  • Revealing and Living your Soul’s Purpose
  • Becoming Fully and Sensually Embodied
  • Cultivating and Owning Your Beauty
  • Recognizing and Cultivating Your Intuition
  • Trusting Yourself and the Universe
  • Restoring Your Passions
  • Using Desire and Pleasure as a Compass
  • Opening Up to Receive More
  • Finding and Using Your Magic
  • Living a Magical Life


Budapest me

Selfie on the Danube under a Magical Full Moon in Budapest

I invite you to dive deep into this work with me. I promise you will emerge fro the ashes as the woman you have always wanted to be. A woman who lives a dream life on her terms. A powerful unapologetic, unstoppable, Bombshell who is truly, madly, deeply in love with herself and her life.

Bombshell Phoenix Transformation Coaching – 6 Months Program

This plan is completely customized for you and includes the following:

·        1 half hour strategy consultation gaining in depth understanding of your needs to customize a plan that works for you.

·        12 one-on-one coaching sessions  via Skype or over the phone.

·        Energy work to support your intentions

·        Unlimited email/text support for the duration of the program.

If what I offer resonates with you. If you feel that flutter of excitement, that intuitive tug then don’t hesitate any longer. It’s time for you. Reach out to me and let’s start creating.

Claim your free 1/2 hour strategy session now so I can begin to assist you in your Bombshell Phoenix Transformation.

Click here for your exploratory call and to join me on this magical transformation.