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Kitchen Witch Wars and the Champion Killer Chef

Welcome to The Kitchen Witch Wars season one finale! Our first season has certainly had its own unique ebb and flow. Thanks for being a fan, and for staying with us through our stickier moments.

We do need to disclose a small technical difficulty before we can crown the champion: one of our judges was killed during the filming of this final episode. Foul play is suspected. Yes, it’s just the sort of thing host and aspiring witch Christelle Seabright was worried about all season long. And here she is so close to getting through it alive, too. Now she sees there are still menacing obstacles in that path.

Christelle’s impulse is to run out on them, just quit the cursed show and return to her former sedate life. But her contract is a magical one, so cannot be breached. She has no choice but to solve the final murder and select the winner herself—a task, she fully realizes, that is bound to upset many people and could well result in the final murder turning into the second-to-final murder.

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