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Kitchen Witch Wars and the Cutthroat Chef

Is winning a TV show contest worth your very life?

Apparently so—just ask novice witch Christelle Seabright, host of the wickedly popular new Kitchen Witch Wars. Two contestants have already been eliminated by “unorthodox” means.

When one of those contestants rematerializes and demands to rejoin the cast because, they argue, they were murdered and therefore not technically eliminated, Christelle doesn’t bat an eye. In the paranormal realm you can’t let such things shock you. She is much more concerned about the untimely reappearance of someone from her own past.

…And then another contestant turns up murdered. The TV audience, of course, loves it. But threats against the show have begun to emerge as a result of the sinister cheating, so Christelle needs to get to the marrow of the matter and punish the guilty party. She only hopes her witchcraft is improving enough to accomplish it with breakneck speed.

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